Beferull is a keynote speaker at Digitalkonferansen Change IT in Kristiansand, March 18th.

Many experts believe 2015 to be the year when we see a stronger integration of data and life. NODE-professor Baltasar Beferull Lozano explains why.

– This will be the year when Internet of Things (IoT) gets introduced to the general public. It will continue to evolve in the next years, more integrated with cyber-physical systems, big data analytics, cloud computing and 5G as these come together, explains Beferull.

He is a professor both at the University of Agder and at GCE NODE.

– We will have smart cities with smart public safety and emergency management, smart traffic management, smart water distribution networks, smart environmental monitoring, smart factories with smart digital manufacturing, smart agriculture and food traceability and smart energy management, says Beferull.

IoT, often referred to as the third digital revolution, can best be explained as a novel paradigm that increases the ubiquity of the Internet connecting inanimate objects. Beferull is certain that this technology will have a positive impact on our lives.

– It will induce many positive societal changes and will support economic growth, through the various applications already mentioned, which will clearly improve the quality of life for all. The range of IoT-devices will be very diverse, from sensor nodes to Google-like glasses or drones with sensors and wireless communication capabilities, Beferull explains.