Kamilla Sharma (left) and Kristen Strat at Innoventus Sør are in charge of the pre-incubator.

To earn a place in the pre-incubator, this is what you need to do.

Proposals for new business ideas are received online, via telephone or in meetings. It is not necessary to present a comprehensive description of the technology and market potential. The pre-incubator will help you develop this. Contact information is found at www.innoventussor.no.

Innovators are offered office space in the greenhouse to work on a description of the idea before admission assessment to the pre-incubator.

A committee evaluates who will be admitted in to the pre-incubator based on a rough assessment of the market, scalability and innovation height. Alternative routes will be suggested for ineligible ideas.

Those who are admitted in to the pre-incubator are offered free office space in an entrepreneurial environment and are also given a number of free consultancy hours from qualified counselors. The offer is typically given for a period of three months, with the possibility for a three months extension if the project requires more time.

After three or six months the idea/project is evaluated. The outcome of the evaluation can be:
a) The project is recommended to the incubator at Innoventus Sør.
b) The project is recommended to other partners.
c) The project is considered ineligible at this time. Advice is offered on how the project can be further developed.