Mette Harv is Executive Vice President at Nekkar ASA and Board Member of GCE NODE.

After 20 years in the oil and gas industry, Mette Harv uses her experience to develop disruptive and sustainable technology for Nekkar.

As a Board Member of GCE NODE Harv likes to think that she represents new industries and smaller cluster participants.

“Smaller companies have challenges and opportunities that the bigger and more established companies do not have. It is important that the activities in GCE NODE include participants of all sizes and stages of development,” says Harv.

She is Executive Vice President at Nekkar ASA, a company listed at the Oslo Stock Exchange. After almost 20 years in National Oilwell Varco, Harv took on the position as Executive Vice President of TTS Energy four years ago. When the main part of TTS Group was sold to MacGregor in 2019, the remaining part was renamed Nekkar and headquartered in Kristiansand.

“Syncrolift, located in Drøbak, is the more established part of Nekkar. They deliver shiplifts and transfer systems as a more efficient alternative to shipyards’ traditional docking and logistics solutions. At Nekkar in Kristiansand we focus on developing new, disruptive technology and sustainable solutions for the aquaculture and renewable industries, in addition to oil and gas. Our digital technology can and will be used to create value across our business segments,” says Harv.

She speaks enthusiastically about Starfish, a closed and fully automated cage for fish farming, developed in collaboration with Lerøy as an innovation partner. In addition to reducing the lice problem, Starfish also enables waste handling and increases fish welfare.

“Starfish is an excellent example of how we transfer competence and technology from the oil and gas industry into the seafood segment. Most of our Kristiansand employees have experience from GCE NODE companies,” says Harv.

She is happy to talk about yet another new and green market for Nekkar.

“Our focus on renewable energy has led us to wind power, and the development of innovative automation and remote-control technology to increase efficiency and performance. We have also completed a pre-study on a disruptive technology for installation of wind turbines together with partners. We see that this as a potential business opportunity for us in the future”, says Harv.

Harv firmly believes that both small and large companies benefit from being part of the same cluster and points out the importance of not forgetting the smaller and less established members.

“Developing new business in new markets is hard. Learning from others and collaborating with others makes it easier to succeed. GCE NODE has provided Nekkar with a lot of valuable opportunities,” says Harv.

“In my career I have seen ups and downs. I have worked in larger and smaller companies and in various sectors and markets. I believe this is one of my most important strengths as a board member of GCE NODE. In addition, it is important that women are represented in male-dominated industries,” concludes Harv.