Kristoffer Sand, Head of Mekaunikum (left), and Einar Fannemel, Communicatons Advisor at Lundin Norway at the rally in Grimstad this week.

Students at the University of Agder in Grimstad are for the first time invited to enter a competition to solve oil industry challenges.

At a rally in Grimstad this week, organizer Lundin Norway and the Norwegian Petroleum Society, met with students of mechatronics and renewable energy to encourage them to take part.

“The competition is usually dominated by petroleum engineers who specializes in drilling, so we expect your ideas to be different and to stand out,” says Einar Fannemel, Communicatons Advisor at Lundin Norway.

Technology and geology students from all over Norway are asked to come up with new ideas for more environmentally friendly, safer and more profitable solutions for the oil and gas industry.

The main prize is a tour of a North Sea oil platform.

“We are looking forward to entering the competition. It is a good opportunity for us to put into practice the theory we learn here at the university,” says Kristoffer Sand, Head of Mekaunikum, an association for mechatronics students at the University of Agder’s Grimstad campus.

Mekaunikum was invited to the competition after a GCE NODE initiative.

“We do appreciate the opportunity. This is our first time we participate in what is a highly relevant competition for mechatronics students. To increase our chances of winning, we have decided to include students of data science, electronics, renewable energy, industrial economics and technology management to a brainstorming session,” says Sand.

Deadline for submitting contributions to the competition is October 11. A jury consisting of subject matter experts will select three finalists who get to present their ideas during an innovation conference on October 23. All three finalists will receive guidance on how their ideas can be refined and further developed. Finally, the winners can look forward to a trip to the North Sea and a tour of Lundin Norway’s Edvard Grieg platform.

Einar Fannemel, Communicatons Advisor at Lundin Norway.