Jakob Einarssønn Lunde at Young Industrial Innovators showcased some of the new sensors on the market.

Wireless low-power sensor technology lowers the price on data collection, allowing for better and cost-saving products and services.

At a session during the technology festival Sørveiv Tech in Kristiansand this week, GCE NODE talked about how wireless sensors and sensor networks can make businesses more profitable.

“Learning to set up your own wireless sensor network, using new technology, is the easy part. How to make use of it to improve your business and increase competitiveness, is the hard part,” says Jan Helge Viste, Project Manager Digitalization at GCE NODE.

Wireless sensors and networks are rapidly developing into valuable tools for increased digitalization. Based on low power wide area networks (LPWAN), the cost of data transfer is dramatically reduced.

“Sensors or transceivers can now operate for up to 20 years, powered by the original battery, and signals can travel 15 kilometers or more. This presents a wide array of business opportunities, that should be explored,” says Viste.

Jan Helge Viste, Project Manager Digitalization at GCE NODE, explained how sensor technology can enhance your business and make it more profitable.