In competition with 3,000 global companies and innovations World Wide Wind, a floating offshore wind turbine provider, received Netexplo’s 2023 innovation award for its wind turbine design.

In partnership with UNESCO, Netexplo conducts extensive research and analysis of the latest digital trends and innovations and organizes an annual conference and awards ceremony in Paris to showcase the most innovative and impactful digital projects and initiatives from around the world. The organization also publishes a yearly report, the Netexplo Observatory, which highlights the most significant digital trends and innovations of the year.

More than 3,000 global innovations and companies analysed and evaluated, of which 100 were included in this year event. 10 of these were viewed as particularly innovative and with high impact potential, of which World Wide Wind was one.

“This is a great recognition of our technology and our effort. We see an increased understanding around the world of the necessity of developing future-proof and sustainable wind turbines specifically designed for offshore floating wind, with improved energy production, lower cost, and better environmental footprint.”, says Trond Lutdal, CEO of World Wide Wind.

On presenting World Wide Wind with the award, Netexplo’s partner intelligence lead stated: “Congratulations on the fantastic design. This has a potential to be scaled up to make a huge a difference. Best wishes for your future success, and we hope to see World Wide Wind all over the ocean.”