Bjarne Skeie has provided financial support for Mechatronics Innovation Lab.

”I would have loved to have had something similar to Mechatronics Innovation Lab back in 1971, when I started my career,” says veteran entrepreneur Bjarne Skeie.

Skeie, who has been key in the establishment and growth of the oil and gas supply industry in Agder, has contributed with funds for MIL.

“In my early years, we tested as best we could in our workshops, and on board ships and rigs. This often implied extra cost and extra hours. We would have benefited enormously by a facility like MIL back in those days, just like the industry today will benefit enormously from MIL,” says Skeie.

He is convinced that MIL will speed up innovation.

“Innovation is usually based on small steps. MIL will help companies take these small steps quicker, which will make the industry to go further, faster,” says Skeie.

He sees the opening of MIL as a milestone for the industry in Agder.

“We are entering an era of digitalization. MIL will be a central instrument for a digital transformation that will further our industry,” says Skeie.

Bernt Inge Øhrn, CEO of MIL, says the financial support from Skeie has been important for MIL.

“It is not only a strong signal from the most prominent entrepreneur in the supply industry. Skeie’s contributions also triggered contributions from Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder counties,” says Øhrn.