How can we contribute to the green transition while further developing the oil and gas industry? These are some of the major questions that must be asked and answered in the new GCE NODE strategy process.

By Tom Fidjeland, CEO, GCE NODE

A strategy provides direction and focus and is an important tool for the day-to-day work of the cluster administration and participating companies. As the current strategy expires in a few months, we are in the process of writing a new strategy for 2024 to 2030.

The transfer of competence and technology from fossil to green energy is central for most cluster companies. Still, many have been surprised by the speed of the transition, and the momentum in industries such as offshore wind, hydrogen, carbon capture, aquaculture, and marine minerals.

The 2020s have been labelled “the decade of transition”. The green transition and technology transfer will continue to influence GCE NODE companies for the remainder of this decade.

As a cluster organization, GCE NODE will also be affected by the decline, and eventual halt, of Innovation Norway funding. 30 per cent of the cluster’s income will be lost by 2026. This is also something to take into consideration when forming a new cluster strategy.

The Board of Directors kickstarted the strategy process in October. Since then, our facilitating partner KPMG has conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and asked cluster participants for input to the development of GCE NODE towards 2030. So far, more than 200 people have given their input.

The new GCE NODE strategy is to be implemented in April 2024. We are grateful to the many companies and their employees for spending time helping us put into words what GCE NODE should be, and what the cluster and its administration should work for and aim to accomplish.

Having cluster participants come together to discuss important issues for their individual enterprises, but also for the cluster, is of tremendous value for us at GCE NODE. There is still time to voice your opinion, and we will actively seek more input.

Again, thank you all!