Left-right: Roy Lian (Maritime Protection), Kjell-Børge Freiberg (Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy) and Frode Grøvan (Norsafe) in Theran, Iran.

Maritime Protection and Norsafe met with top executives of the National Iranian Tanker Company in Theran Wednesday.

The meeting, which was organized by Norwegian Energy Partners and the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (OED), included OED State Secretary Kjell-Børge Freiberg.

“This is a meeting we would never have been able to schedule on our own. Being part of the Norwegian delegation to Iran has been a tremendous door opener to a new market,” says Roy Lian at Maritime Protection.

“The value of this trip has exceeded my expectations. We have met with ship owners and been able to introduce our products and services in a way that we have not been able to previously,” says Lian.

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It is important for companies like Maritime Protection to met directly with ship owners to showcase products.

“Our goal is to give ship owners a preference for our products and services, so that they will order these products from the shipyard in Korea, China or Japan, where they are likely to have their ships built,” says Lian.

Maritime Protection was a supplier to the National Iranian Tanker Company before the international sanctions against Iran came into effect.

“Iran is definitely an interesting market for us. We will pursue the opportunities presented for us here in Iran,” says Lian.

Maritime Protection, now part of Survitec Group, is a supplier of inert gas generators for all kinds of tankers.

April 18th 2024

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