Bjørn Olstad, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, says AI represents paradigm shift. He spoke at the Techpoint Global Impact conference in Kristiansand.

“We are entering the age of artificial intelligence. AI could have a more profound effect on the world than the internet had,” says Bjørn Olstad, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft.

Olstad, who heads the Microsoft Development Center Norway, formerly known as Fast Search & Transfer, was a main speaker at the Techpoint Global Impact conference in Kristiansand Thursday.

Talking about the rise of artificial intelligence and its probable effect, Olstad said the job sector would be hit hard.

“1 in 4 people will lose their jobs, 2 in 4 will need to re-train, and only 1 in 4 will keep their job as-is,” said Olstad.

For people around the world Chat GPT has been an eyeopener to the power of artificial intelligence. Investments in AI are massive, especially in the US where more than 8,000 AI start-ups are registered.

“25 per cent of all US Venture Capital Investments go to AI. Big-tech companies have invested more than 100 billion dollars, and the ecosystems are rapidly emerging. We are facing a paradigm shift, entering a world where we can interact with machines in a human manner,” said Olstad.

Global Impact is a full-day event on day two of the Techpoint conference in Kristiansand. Global Impact is presented by GCE NODE, Business Region Kristiansand, The City of Kristiansand, Eyde Cluster, Offshore Norge, the Kristiansand Chamber of Commerce, and Sparebanken Sør.