Marit Dolmen is RD&I Manager at GCE NODE

A record-breaking 900 million NOK is allocated for RD&I projects through different governmental programs relevant for NODE companies. NODE experts can help you apply.

“This is a move to speed up innovation in Norwegian businesses, and make Norwegian industry knowledge-based, competitive and adaptable”, says Arvid Hallén, CEO of The Research Council of Norway (RCN). RCN has never made more money available for research and innovation projects in enterprises.

All major RD&I programs from RCN have October 14th as deadline for submitting applications. However, there is an opportunity to submit a draft before August 19th and receive a pre-evaluation from the Council.

“We encourage all applicants to submit a draft. A draft will give you valuable feedback which will improve your chances to receive funding”, says Marit Dolmen, RD&I Manager at GCE NODE.

NODE has expert personnel to help you with your application.

“Do not hesitate to contact us to have an expert assigned to your company”, says Søren Kragholm, advisor at GCE NODE.

Petromaks 2, BIA, Energix, Maroff and Demo2000 are relevant programs for NODE-companies. Dolmen also points at a new opportunity: a joint Petromaks 2 / Energix project.

“Suppliers to oil and gas have competence and technology, which could be valuable for the renewable sector, e.g. within offshore wind and drilling for hydropower and geothermic energy. MNOK 50 is earmarked cooperation between oil & gas and renewables to support oil service companies in a difficult time, and to contribute to higher energy efficiency and cost reductions offshore”, says Dolmen.

Siren M. Neset in RCN in Agder has already held a miniseminar on the topic and is now in the process of following up on enterprises that plan to apply for funding.


Petroleum, energy, climate and environment: 

Agriculture, fish and aquaculture: HAVBRUK

Maritime: MAROFF

Nano- and microtechnology: NANO2021 :: BIA

Other industries and research areas: 

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