Thor Arne Håverstad

Thor Arne Håverstad will serve as interim CEO of research center NORCE.

The former CEO of MHWirth and long-standing Board Member of GCE NODE, was appointed interim CEO of NORCE, following the recent resignment of CEO Elisabeth Maråk Støle.

NORCE Norwegian Research Center was founded in July 2017 to create a powerhouse for research that will lead the way in innovation, value creation and research.

In January 2018, NORCE took over the ownership of Uni Research AS, the International Research Institute of Stavanger AS (IRIS), Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR), Agderforskning AS and Teknova AS. The business was fully integrated in the fall of 2018 when the five former institutes were merged into NORCE. In December 2018, NORCE also took over the ownership of Norut Northern Research Institute.