Øystein Sannarnæs (Engineering Systems)

Small and medium-sized enterprises came together in Kristiansand Tuesday to identify opportunities for increased efficiency and competitiveness.

The meeting and workshop was the third in series of meeting arranged by a joint project between GCE NODE, GCE Blue Martime and GCE Subsea. The two previous meetings were held in Ålesund and Bergen.

“We are here to talk and learn about technology, connectivity and business models, but most of all; we are here to find ways to make more money. This is primarily a ‘make-more-money-workhop’,” said Arnt Aske, Project Manager for GCE NODE, in his introduction.

“We are convinced that the digital transformation will have a positive effect for reducing cost. However, it depends on if and how we are willing to explore more drastic strategies to boost efficiency, including making use of data, automation and robotics,” said Aske.

20 people, the majority from SME’s in GCE NODE, attended the workshop. Presentations were given by Odd Myklebust (Sintef Raufoss Manufacturing), Gøril Hannås, (University of Agder), Øystein Sannarnæs (Engineering Systems), Arild Førsund (Lean Consulting), Arne Tande (Robotek), Audun Sanderud (PPM) and Bernt Inge Øhrn (Mechatronics Innovation Lab).

Divided into working groups after lunch, the participants sought to find solutions to different problems and challenges. The willingness to consider digital technologies with the potential to transform operations and create additional profits from existing capacity was evident. The group is looking forward to test out new ideas and concepts in the Mechatronics Innovation Lab in Grimstad, especially all the new types of robots.

The next step for the joint project between Norway’s three GCE clusters is to drive projects that will improve efficiency and reduce costs of the participating companies and to share lessons-learned across board.

The project is funded by a governmental program supporting the restructuring of petroleum-related industries in the Southern and Western part of Norway. The program is administered by Hordaland County.

Audun Sanderud (PPM)
Arne Tande (Robotech)

Gøril Hannås (University of Agder)

Odd Myklebust (Sintef Raufoss Manufacturing)
Bernt Inge Øhrn (Mechatronics Innovation Lab)
Participants at the workshop in Kristiansand (left-right): Bjørn Saltermark (GCE NODE), Jan Fredrik Namtvedt (GCE Subsea), Elin Vatne (Boss Industri), Ove Jensen (Norsap), Arne Tande (Robotech), Arild Førsund (Lean Consulting), Rita Schage (Innovation Norway), Bernt Inge Øhrn (Mechatronics Innovation Lab), Andreas Gjermundsen (Nymo), Roy Rødningen (Mandals), Arnt Aske (GCE NODE), Audun Sanderud (PPM), Odd Myklebust (Sintef Raufoss Manufacturing), Reidar Anderssen (OPS Composities), Øystein Sannarnæs (Engineering Systems), Tom Christian Dahl (GCE Blue Maritime), Terje Uleberg (On & Offshore Services), Øystein Netland (Tratec Norcon) and Gøril Hannås (University of Agder).