Left-right: Dag Trygve Rønning (KSMV), Vidar Eiken (KSMV), Morten Bak (MIL), Svein-Inge Ringstad (MIL), Jannicke Sommer-Ekelund (MHWirth) and Geir Govertsen (MHWirth) met at a recent workshop at Mechatronics Innovation Lab.

Join a new series of workshops designed to introduce the region’s industry to Mechatronics Innovation Lab.

“MIL is clearly at the forefront of new technology. We have had a lot of people here to learn how MIL can help us improve,” says Jannicke Sommer-Ekelund at MHWirth.

The industry giant in Kristiansand has been represented in most workshops arranged by GCE NODE and MIL.

“It is all about understanding new technology and how it can be applied to our products and services. MIL is a great place to observe and get hand-on experience with new equipment. I am convinced that MIL will increase our competitiveness,” says Sommer-Eklund.

In addition to attending the GCE NODE/MIL workshops, MHWirth also booked a separate MIL session on Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality.

KSMV is another company that has sent a number of people to MIL lately.

“Mechatronics Innovation Lab provides research opportunities that go beyond what we are capable of performing on our own. We welcome the facilities and the competence offered by MIL, and feel confident that both our company and the entire industry in our region will benefit from it,” says Vidar Eiken at KSMV (Kristiansand skruefabrikk & mekanisk verksted).

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Morten Bak at MIL during a recent workshop on 3D Printing.