Martin Foss at IFE (left) and Øyvind Mydland at StepChange photographed at a NorTex Data Science Cluster workshop in Houston in May 2018.

Statoil awards framework agreement for Integrated Operations, digital transformation consultancy to StepChange, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and Epsis.

Statoil has awarded a framework agreement for business consulting services within Integrated Operations and digital transformation to a consortium consisting of StepChange, Epsis and IFE (Institute for Energy Technology) that are now joining forces to support Statoil’s digitalization journey.

Together, StepChange, Epsis and IFE have assisted Statoil in more than 80 digitalization and improvement projects over the past 15 years – within drilling, operations and field development. In addition, they have worked for more than 20 other major oil & gas companies globally, according to a press release issued by StepChange, a Red Rock company.

The partner companies form a pool of broad competence based on operational and research experience that Statoil can pull into their improvement initiatives to maximum business value from digitalization both for mature assets and new field development projects.

The services will focus on supporting the assets with practical implementation of new ways of working and operational models including remote operations, enabled by digital technology.

April 18th 2024

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