Global Outlook and Energy Outlook, Arendal, August 14th-15th

Two important GCE NODE events during Arendalsuka. Please register and join us in Arendal!

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July 09th

Noroff launches Data Science study

Noroff doubles capacity for ICT students and launches new bachelor program called Applied Data Science.

July 05th

Found other markets when oil collapsed

Tratec Norcon found other markets for its technology and competence when the price of oil collapsed.

July 05th

“At the forefront of digitalization”

“GCE NODE is at the forefront of digitalization,” says Ståle Tungesvik, head of a national project aimed at securing Norwegian competitiveness in the oil and gas industry.

July 05th

Building an ICT security education

GCE NODE, Noroff University College and ICT cluster Digin are collaborating to develop an ICT security education customized for the industry.

GCE Node Events

ISO-Re-sertifisering 9001:2015

Modul 3 - Kristiansand


Center for Offshore Mechatronics

Center for Offshore Mechatronics is an 8-year long research program aimed to develop autonomous operation and condition monitoring of topside drilling systems.


Mechatronics Innovation Lab

The Mechatronics Innovation Lab fills a void in the Norwegian innovation system. There is a need for more pilot-testing, not only in the oil and gas industry.


Future Robotics

Several industry clusters in Agder are familiar with robots. Increased use of robots and automation could see more jobs, previously outsourced to low-cost countries, return to Norway.