July 15th 2021

Looking for minerals under the sea

Access to new sources of minerals is critical for the green transition. GCE NODE and five GCE NODE companies are part of a Norwegian consortium determined to extract minerals from under the sea.

July 14th 2021

Offshore wind power picks up

As an industry, offshore wind power is currently like a light breeze, but it is expected to reach gale force within a few years.

July 12th 2021

Eight NODE-companies ready for OTD Energy

The GCE NODE joint pavilion at OTD Energy is filling up. Eight companies have secured a space, only two more spaces are available with the possibility of adding an additional two spaces.

July 11th 2021

Can you solve EU’s challenges?

“New EU programs present great opportunities for companies in our cluster. I am here to assist companies in finding the right program for their initiatives,” says Isabelle-Louise Aabel, EU Advisor at GCE NODE.

GCE Node Events

Center for Offshore Mechatronics

Center for Offshore Mechatronics is a major research program aimed at developing autonomous operation and condition monitoring of topside drilling systems.


Methodology for increased competitiveness

Methodology for increased competitiveness led to the development of popular modules Quick Wins  and Deep Dive.



Increased competencies on markets and technologies, and the path into future markets, will help businesses realign from mature and declining markets towards attractive new market segments.