13 March | | Stavanger | Open for all

Stavanger Seminar 2024 presentations (and soon videos)

Deep/middle deep geothermal applications in Norway

Moderated by Anders Nermoen, GEAN/NORCE

Major factors controlling the deep geothermal potential if the North and the Norwegian seas
 Yuriy Maystrenko, NGU

Possibilities for offshore geothermal
Walter Wheeler & John Zuta, NORCE

Geothermal deep drilling in Rennesøy, Norway
Ove Heggland, Norsk Retningsboring

Experiences in ground source heat projects – Kvitebjørn varme
Jan Tore Helgesen, Halliburton

Ongoing deep geothermal projects in Longyearbyen
Malte Jochmann, Store Norske Energi / UNIS

Advanced technologies for geothermal drilling

Moderated by Gilles Pelfrene, GEAN/NORCE

Projects on deep geothermal horizontal closed loop technology
Ola Vestavik, Reelwell

Advanced rig technologies
Samuli Salmela, Geomachine

From O&G to geothermal energy: way forward

Moderated by Christian von der Ohe, GCE NODE

Brand new TU Delft campus doublet with promising scientific future
Beer van Esser, TU Delft

EAPOLAB – Initiative to Realize Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS)
Naomi Vouillamoz, EAPOSYS

Geothermal opportunities in Europe
Philippe Dumas, EGEC

Updates of the geothermal project at UiS campus
Mohsen Assadi, UiS, Karl Erik Fredriksen, Rototec Group, Fredrik S. Fadnes, UiS


Videos will be published at GEANs YouTube channel in the coming weeks. We will distribute for maximal output. Until now we have 32 videos packed of valuable information – available for all. Link to the channel: https://youtube.com/@anermoen?si=lq31hx-1vlVA_Pcf