April 19th 2016

”Empty your wallets!”

“This is a historic opportunity to make a great investment. So please empty you wallets!” says Erik Tønnesen.

April 19th 2016

22 companies in Kristiansand Greenhouse

The Greenhouse in Kristiansand, a place for smart people with great ideas, now houses 22 start-up companies.

April 15th 2016

Næringspolitikk uten grønn logikk

Staten bruker milliardbeløp for at Hydro skal produsere aluminium med verdens laveste CO2-utslipp. Den norske oljeindustrien, som allerede har verdens laveste CO2-utslipp per fat, avspises med småsummer i tøffe tider.

April 11th 2016

Exploring business opportunities in Iran

As international sanctions against Iran are lifted, NODE takes an initiative to establish a network to learn more about market opportunities in Iran.

April 06th 2016

“Robots help us outperform China”

Business is blooming for IMS Group after the acquisition of a production robot.

April 06th 2016

How sensors can improve your business

Experts from Germany, England, USA and Norway are among the speakers at the On-board sensing for smart components workshop in Grimstad.

April 04th 2016

Discussed layoff rules days before change

Layoff rules were discussed when Undersecretary of Labour and Social Affairs Thor Sættem and Mayor of Kristiansand Harald Furre visited GCE NODE.

April 03rd 2016

Mating ceremony for Frigstad Kristiansand

The mating of the upper and lower hulls of the Frigstad Kristiansand was completed at a shipyard in China in late March.

April 03rd 2016

Frigstad wins new technology award

Frigstad Engineering has been selected as one of the winner for OTC Asia Spotlight on New Technology (SONT) award 2016.