June 26th 2015

New leadership at University of Agder

Frank Reichert is confirmed as Rector and Seunn Smith-Tønnessen named University Director at University of Agder.

June 26th 2015

MIL: Construction starts this fall

The long awaited Mechatronics Innovation Lab could open late 2016. Nothing would please Project Manager Morten Kollerup Bak more.

June 26th 2015

Now hiring: PhD candidates

To build competence in the industry, the new Centre for Offshore Mechatronics looks to recruit 15 to 20 PhD candidates from NODE companies.

June 26th 2015

P&A meeting with oil companies

Decommissioning and plug & abandonment will be on the agenda when GCE NODE facilitates a meeting between NODE companies and oil companies in September.

June 26th 2015

One million for innovation

GCE NODE has been awarded MNOK 1 for innovation projects.

June 25th 2015

Highway happiness

A national road company is established to build new highways, mainly between Oslo and Stavanger. «Very important for the development of our region», says Frithjof Ruud, member of GCE NODE’s Infrastructure Committee.

June 18th 2015

MNOK 900 for RD&I projects

A record-breaking 900 million NOK is allocated for RD&I projects through different governmental programs relevant for NODE companies. NODE experts can help you apply.

June 18th 2015

Security, security, security

A seminar with The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) and an online security course, will be organized by GCE NODE this fall.

June 17th 2015

Met with Minister Mæland

Anne-Grete Ellingsen were among the 20 business executives who were invited to meet Minister of Trade and Industry, Monica Mæland, Tuesday.