May 08th

Another NOK 30 million for MIL

Champagne at the University of Agder Monday morning, as Mechatronics Innovation Lab received an additional MNOK 30 from the Norwegian government.

May 08th

New associated member of GCE NODE

Epo Tip Tig Technology has been accepted as an associated member of GCE NODE.

May 06th

How design can drive innovation

Design-driven Innovation Program (DIP) supports the idea phase of innovation projects driven by design.

May 03rd

”Market more optimistic than last year”

"The atmosphere at OTC was more optimistic than last year. Everyone seems to agree that the market bottomed out in 2016,” says Robert Cornels Nordli.

May 03rd

Building a data highway

Academia and industry came together in Houston for a full day workshop and seminar to discuss how to improve access to real time data in the oil and gas industry.

May 02nd

Digitalization will drive cost down

“Full integration of data will take the oil and gas industry to the next level. The key is open access to data,” says Torgrim Reitan.

May 01st

Agder companies met for pre-OTC reception

125 representatives for Agder companies and organizations met in Houston Sunday for a pre-OTC reception.

April 30th

Building more bridges to Austin

“A closer relationship with Austin will strengthen the entire Agder ecosystem for research, development and innovation,” says Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE.

April 28th

Agder delegation visits Austin, Texas

A delegation from Agder, including industry, government and academia representatives, is visiting Austin this week.