March 01st

Ocean Strategy fits well with GCE NODE strategy

Norway’s brand new Ocean Strategy fits well with GCE NODE’s current strategy, implemented in 2014.

February 28th

Making dumb things smarter

Urdal Services aims to make cranes and other constructions smarter by developing a comprehensive system for condition monitoring.

February 23rd

“My fourth downturn in oil and gas”

“This is my fourth downturn in oil and gas. I won’t say we were well prepared for it, but a well-balanced portfolio made us less vulnerable,” says Philip Pedersen.

February 23rd

Ship-to-ship crane compensation system

MacGregor has launched a new crane compensation system for offshore ship-to-ship load transfers.

February 23rd

Accepted as NODE participant

In-Control has been accepted as associated participant in GCE NODE.

February 22nd

A Norwegian strategy for blue jobs

Norway’s first ever Ocean Strategy was presented Tuesday. It is a strategy for blue growth and blue jobs.

February 19th

Håverstad new CEO of Teknova

MHWirth’s Chief Technical Officer Thor Arne Håverstad has been appointed new CEO of research institute Teknova.

February 16th

Won award for fish feeding idea

University of Agder student Oddgeir Auklend won an innovation award for his idea of how to automate feeding of farmed fish.

February 16th

Robotics revolution

“The possibly enormous future implications of what the Japanese call the ‘robotics revolution’ are only a fraction about technology”.