January 31st 2016

How to successfully find funding for projects

A number of experts from The Research Council of Norway will meet NODE companies to explain how to find funding for new projects.

January 21st 2016

Removing driller from drill floor

'Remote drill floor operation' is one of two new National Oilwell Varco projects supported by the Research Council of Norway.

January 19th 2016

GCE clusters organize breakout session at Arctic Frontiers

The three Norwegian GCE-clusters organize a breakout session at Arctic Frontiers Business in Tromsø next week.

January 09th 2016

What is CETOP and CETOP 2?

CETOP is the European Fluid Power Committee, an international umbrella organization for the fluid power associations in Europe.

January 07th 2016

6 companies awarded funds for innovation

GCE NODE has awarded MNOK 1 to innovation projects conducted by cluster companies.

January 06th 2016

Be part of the Norwegian Delegation at OTC 2016

GCE NODE has the pleasure of inviting you to be part of the OTC 2016 Norwegian Delegation.

January 05th 2016

Compliance, anti-corruption seminars

Expert lawyers come to share knowledge and comment on trends within compliance and anti-corruption.

January 04th 2016

Cooperating with business associations, clusters

GCE NODE is cooperating with business associations and clusters in Agder to promote cluster activities for 2016.

December 30th 2015

Exploring blue possibilities

GCE NODE and NODE companies are involved in several new blue projects.