December 10th

MNOK 1 to Offshore Data Community

The Research Council of Norway has awarded MNOK 1 to a project on big data offshore.

November 28th

Norsafe-founder wins Entrepreneur of the Year award

CEO and founder of Norsafe, Geir Skaala, is the Ernst and Young’s Norwegian Entrepreneur of the Year.

November 28th

NODE welcomes Offshore Procurement as member

Offshore Procurement is accepted as member of GCE NODE.

November 28th

Safety Design sold to ERM

Purchase of NODE-member Safety Design strengthens ERM’s capability in risk management to the oil and gas industry in Norway and the North Sea.

November 27th

Break-through for OPS Composites Solution

NODE-member OPS Composites Solution recently signed an agreement with Siemens Oil & Gas to produce 30 separators made out of composite.

November 27th

Minister expects industry cost-cuts from Center for Offshore Mechatronics

Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Tord Lien, expects Center for Offshore Mechatronics to contribute to reducing costs in the oil and gas industry.

November 27th

Air Products named Top Business in Agder 2014

Air Products received most votes and was named Top Business in Agder 2014 (Årets Sørlandsbedrift).

November 24th

Vote for Air Products as Top Business in Agder

NODE-member Air Products is in the final race to be named Top Business in Agder 2014 (Årets Sørlandsbedrift).

November 21st

Awarded Center for Offshore Mechatronics

University of Agder, GCE NODE and partners are awarded MNOK 192 over 8 years for a Center for Offshore Mechatronics.