April 09th

Siem awarded offshore wind contract

Huge contract for Siem Offshore subsidiary in Germany.

April 09th

Mandals joins GCE NODE

Hose producer Mandals is a new participant in GCE NODE.

April 06th

AMV increases work force

While other oil and gas companies struggle in a tough market, AMV is looking to employ 15-20 new people in 2015.

April 02nd

A loud and clear message

Mayors of all 30 municipalities and both counties in Agder have sent a letter to Minister of Trade and Industry in support of Mechatronics Innovation Lab.

March 20th

Delane-Skibsrud steps down as NEW-leader

- We have made a difference and continue to make a difference. The industries in Agder have benefitted greatly from NEW, says Colleen Delane-Skibsrud.

March 16th

The year everything is connected

Many experts believe 2015 to be the year when we see a stronger integration of data and life. NODE-professor Baltasar Beferull Lozano explains why.

February 25th

Record-breaking deal for Nymo

- Our biggest contract ever, says CEO Øyvind Boye as Grimstad-based Nymo prepares to build a module on drilling platform for Johan Sverdrup.

February 19th

Air Products Norway meets US Department of Energy in Oslo

Green shipping and carbon capture is on the agenda when Air Products meets US Department of Energy in Oslo next week.

February 13th

Kick-off for robotics program

A new project, Future Robotics, aims to accelerate the southern part of Norway into a leading position within robotization and automation.