March 25th

Cooperation with German cluster

GCE NODE and MAI Carbon Cluster in Germany intend to increase cooperation.

March 25th

Support for environmental technology

Innovation Norway has announced NOK 10 million for pre-projects from the environmental technology scheme. Application deadline is May 15.

March 24th

Politicians, industry met in Kristiansand

“The contribution from the oil and gas industry to our region and country is tremendous. This is also an industry for the future,” says Harald Furre, Mayor of Kristiansand.

March 24th

Panterra joins GCE NODE

The board of GCE NODE has accepted Panterra as a new participant in the cluster.

March 22nd

Otechos receives funding from Horizon 2020

Otechos is granted NOK 14.2 million to speed up time-to-market for its patented energy efficient compressor.

March 20th

Apply for travel support for OTC 2017

Small and medium-sized GCE NODE participants may apply for travel grants to join the Norwegian delegation to OTC in Houston in May.

March 13th

MacGregor wins innovation award

A new 3D Motion Compensator won MacGregor an innovation award in London recently.

March 09th

Opening up for third party software providers

MHWirth has received funding to develop an automated and interactive control solution for increased drilling efficiency.

March 07th

New virtual reality training system

MacGregor’s new training facility and showroom consists primarily of a computer and virtual reality (VR) glasses.