June 06th

How to attend MIT Summer School

MIT Summer School is an entrepreneurship accelerator program to strengthen entrepreneurs and small companies’ expertise.

May 30th

MacGregor builds 150-ton fibre-rope crane

MacGregor is building one of the most advanced fibre-rope cranes on the market.

May 30th

Won prize for best mechatronics master’s thesis

Morten Hallquist Rudolfsen and Teodor Nilsen Aune has been awarded GCE NODE’s prize for best mechatronics master’s thesis.

May 30th

Handpicked for digitalization Idea Lab

GCE NODE’s Arnt Aske has been handpicked by The Research Council of Norway to participate in a 3-day workshop on digitalization.

May 28th

NOK 1.1 billion for innovation projects

The Research Council of Norway is allocating a record amount of money for innovation projects.

May 24th

Will cooperate on digitalization

GCE NODE and Digital Norway met Wednesday to share thoughts and ideas on digitalization.

May 21st

GCE NODE opened new art exhibit

The art exhibition Distance by Danish artist Jeppe Hein opened in Kristiansand Saturday. GCE NODE gave the opening speech.

May 21st

Management program for promising leaders

A new edition of NHO Agder’s "Summit" management program kicks off in September. Apply by June 23.

May 18th

Minister impressed by MacGregor

Minister Jan Tore Sanner was impressed by MacGregor’s virtual reality training facility, but even more by the company’s ability to innovate and explore new markets.