April 20th

Nominated for the SIVA Award

MacGregor and Innoventus Sør are among the six nominees for the SIVA Award 2017.

April 20th

New board members of GCE NODE

Elin Vatne and Jøran Bøch were elected as new board members of GCE NODE at the Annual Meeting Thursday.

April 11th

Exploring Austin’s innovation and tech scene

Austin, Texas has become a magnet for entrepreneurs and investors. Agder wants to learn to develop an even more attractive region for investors.

April 11th

Hydraulic courses offered in Kristiansand

A new series of hydraulics courses are offered at Sørlandet Maritime High School in April, May and June. The courses qualify for Cetop 2 certification.

April 06th

Huge opportunities in offshore wind

“Offshore wind is getting serious! And it presents huge opportunities for the oil and gas industry.”

April 05th

30+ NODE-companies headed for OTC

More than 30 NODE-companies are soon heading for Houston and OTC, the world’s largest offshore technology conference and expo.

April 05th

How to increase SME competitiveness

Small and medium-sized enterprises came together in Kristiansand Tuesday to identify opportunities for increased efficiency and competitiveness.

April 03rd

“Struck by the level of expertise”

“I am struck by the level of expertise. It is evident the second you enter the building,” says Finn Amund Norbye. The CEO of MHWirth is impressed by his colleagues.

April 03rd

Looking for individuals to discuss digitalization

The Research Council of Norway is looking for 25-30 individuals for a new Idélab. Apply by April 26th.