December 21st

MacGregor acquires Rapp Marine

MacGregor acquires Rapp Marine to strengthen its offering for the fishery and research segment.

December 20th

New RD&I Manager at GCE NODE

“I love it when we find solutions to problems that were considered impossible to solve,” says Marianne Engvoll, GCE NODE’s new Manager of Research, Development and Innovation.

December 19th

NOV delivers new mooring, loading system

Important milestone for APL Mooring and Loading Systems group.

December 08th

“Tear down silos, liberate your data”

“If we exploit the possibilities presented by data, the cost saving potential for oil and gas is huge,” says John Markus Lervik.

December 08th

50 NODE company executives met

50 CEOs and GMs gathered for the second of two 2017 Top Leader Forums in Kristiansand Thursday.

December 08th

DNB among 3 new NODE participants

Norway’s leading bank DNB is among the 3 new companies accepted as new participants in GCE NODE.

November 30th

Developing sustainable business models

GCE NODE’s pilot project for the development of sustainable and profitable business models is underway.

November 30th

How to avoid a EUR 20 million fine

The possibility of a EUR 20 million fine has drawn heavy attention to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will enter in force May 2018.

November 29th

Rope experts gathered in Grimstad

Leading international rope experts drew a specialist crowd to a three-day seminar in Grimstad.