July 05th

Found other markets when oil collapsed

Tratec Norcon found other markets for its technology and competence when the price of oil collapsed.

July 05th

“At the forefront of digitalization”

“GCE NODE is at the forefront of digitalization,” says Ståle Tungesvik, head of a national project aimed at securing Norwegian competitiveness in the oil and gas industry.

July 05th

Building an ICT security education

GCE NODE, Noroff University College and ICT cluster Digin are collaborating to develop an ICT security education customized for the industry.

July 04th

Assisting SMEs transform digitally

A new GCE NODE project aims to develop a tool-box to assist SMEs accelerating the digital transformation through an effective action plan.

July 04th

Making sense of buzzwords

Three years ago, NODE’s application for Global Center of Expertise – the highest level in the Norwegian cluster program – was based on what has become industry buzzwords: Digitalization and access to real-time data.

July 03rd

Business models in a digital era

“You will need to know your customer better, and you will get to know your customer better. Value chains will be more integrated. And your place in the ecosystem will be as important as your place in the value chain.”

June 28th

Summarizing the effects of Austin

A group from Agder found inspiration during an April visit to Austin, Texas. Two months later, it was time to summarize the effects.

June 28th

10 new NODE participants

“A new record for GCE NODE! We have never seen a higher interest for participating in the cluster,” says Anne-Grete Ellingsen.

June 22nd

Quality management equals competitive edge

How to build and maintain a good quality management system was on the agenda as several NODE companies met in Kristiansand Wednesday.