October 13th 2015

“Innovation project applications wanted NOW!”

The Norwegian Parliament is expected to grant an additional MNOK 100 for innovation projects to help out those engaged in the O&G sector.

October 12th 2015

Record-breaking year for offshore wind

An additional 15 European offshore wind farms are built in 2015, which is a new industry record.

October 12th 2015

Increased funding for demonstration projects

The DEMO2000 program will award MNOK 100 more for demonstration projects.

October 07th 2015

Disappointed by lack of support for Mechatronics Innovation Lab

The necessary and expected additional funding for the Mechatronics Innovation Lab (MIL) is not part of the national budget proposal.

October 07th 2015

No money for seed funding in Southern Norway

Private investors are willing to put MNOK 150 into seed funding for the Agder region, but the government will not match the number.

October 07th 2015

Looking for PhD candidates in the industry

Center for Offshore Mechatronics is looking for PhD candidates in the industry.

October 06th 2015

New book: “The Drilling Bay”

How did Kristiansand become the offshore drilling capital of the world? A new book tells the story.

October 01st 2015

Second workshop on plug & abandonment

28 representatives of 20 NODE companies attended a workshop on plug and abandonment (P&A).

September 29th 2015

Kick-off for offshore wind project

10 to 15 companies will be attending a kick-off for a new GCE NODE initiative within offshore wind in October.